storiesabouthestars: MATTHEW JUST CALLED ME ON THE PHONE AHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK he was so amazing and I…



he was so amazing and I STAYED CALM and oh mygod I don’t even know what to say lmao………he called from a restricted number and I saw it on my screen and I was just like “this is it, this is fucking it” and took a deep breath and answered it. I DID FINE, I was so calm and I didn’t cry, I didn’t stutter, I managed to ask everything important I needed to say. I’m actually shocked I did so well, my mom was watching me and was even impressed with how collected I was so bitch we lived!!!!!!!!!! I fucking lived.

HE’S WITH WOODY RIGHT NOW HE TOLD ME WOODY IS AT HIS HOUSE, I WAS LIKE “OH MY GOD” and he laughed oh my goodness you guys. I’m dead. he told me they were playing poker at fucking Willie Nelson’s house last night until 7:00 this morning. can you believe!!!!!!!

oh god what else? THE BOOK. he said it was incredible and “brought a tear to my eye”–specifically he mentioned the Chinese fan (sorry I don’t recall your name) who translated everything in their little notepad about Rustin’s lines and Matthew’s improvisation for True Detective and stuff. also @margoleon he specifically mentioned your artwork and hollered “JEEEEEZ LOUISE” about your Rust portraits!!!!!!!!!! I wish you could have heard him, he LOVED your artwork. 

okay here’s the thing–I told him it was wonderful to get a phone call but I really wish we could share the gratitude and experience with everybody else who submitted, so I asked if he could take a photo with the book so I could share it with you guys. he was like “yeah, yeah that’s a great idea!” and told me he’d take one and send it to Mark, so in turn Mark could send it to me. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. I don’t have a photo yet but I am PRAYING he comes in clutch for you guys.

I’m just in disbelief, I’ll have to collect my thoughts and add more specific points later. this was wild!!!!!! I’m so happy it got to happen and thankful for everybody involved. Matthew is such a gentleman and a blessing, what a wonderful gift of a person <3