mccconaughey: so Matthew and Camila are still in Mauritius while Serenity is filming, and by…


so Matthew and Camila are still in Mauritius while Serenity is filming, and by happenstance I’ve stumbled into the instagram account of one of their friends/personal trainers, a cool fitness dude who I assume is named Andy(?). this guy has been in Mauritius with them the whole time, presumably helping them keep up their workout regimens and also going on day trips with the family around the island. you can see him cliff-diving with Levi and stuff on his profile, etc.

anyhow, this guy Andy is the ONLY reason I think we’d ever know about this, but apparently last night Matthew and Camila bought a pizza dinner for a large group of boys in a local orphanage there and donated a huge “treasure chest” full of sports equipment and stuff for them to play with. neither one of them made a big fuss about it on their social media of course, because they’re humble people, and Andy only mentioned it in passing when speaking about his own experience being there with them.

this is something special about Matthew and Camila that I think we could learn from; they have wealth in their life, and fame, and often use it for good through publicizing for the just keep livin foundation and other helpful causes, but they also do humanitarian things like this that we wouldn’t ever know about–and they’re fine with that. other celebrities and well-to-do people out there can’t do any good deed in their community without posting about it or telling people in order to get a pat on the back, but Matthew and Camila go out of their way to help people (and especially children and families) in need without ever asking to be rewarded or validated for it.

I mean, obviously we all don’t have to agree with Matthew’s political views that get misrepresented in the media often times and I’m not saying folks aren’t ALLOWED to speak about the charitable things they do for others, because they are and it’s important to spread awareness, I just personally think it’s very charming and heartening that Matthew and Camila are good people who do good things on their own time and dime, and I continue to look up to them for that.