Just Keep Livin’



So my absolute favorite celebrity is Matthew McConaughey. He’s from Ulvalde, Texas (AKA the best state ever AKA the lone star state) and he own’s one of the most successful charities. 

It’s not successful because it makes a lot of money, but because as a non-profit it doesn’t try to influence politics and most of the funds actually goes to what his charity helps; underprivileged students.

If you want more info, his website is https://www.jklivinfoundation.org/


So back to the subject, I just spent $60 on shirts from his charity and I’m very pleased with myself. 

They also have baseball tees and hats!

you guys can purchase the shirts here: https://represent.com/mcconaughey/matthew-mcconaughey-catchphrase-t-shirt-alright-alright-alright