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Hey famous folks! I’m here trying to recruit some support on behalf of a special gift for one Mr. Matthew McConaughey that contains the incredible artwork and heartfelt letters from people all around the world. ? This is a multidimensional fanwork scrapbook called the “Hey McConaughey Project” that I’ve compiled using submissions from fans from all walks of life in China, Mexico, Romania, Scotland, France, and more! I’ve spent TWO whole years since January 2015 putting this book together using contributions mailed from abroad and have spent the past six months trying to reach out to official management and office headquarters with zero luck, even planning to evacuate my home with this special one-of-a-kind gift when Hurricane Irma hit Florida earlier this month—so I’m here today asking for your help in some small capacity that will hopefully have a positive impact. This is a small and humble book but there’s a lot of real heart in it, and we want to make sure it finds Matthew so we can share some love for his talent and overall body of work, most notably his performance in True Detective. That’s all I’m asking, I’m not looking for any reward or return or a handout: I just need somebody who can help me get this gift into his hands, safely and securely, through the mail. That’s all! Thanks for reading, peace and love to everybody out there. ✌️?